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Holistic Computing Aesthetics Network

VVet-n-VVild-VVIFI aesthetic Research and Development (AR&D) exploring the creative dimensions of internet infrastructure through which artists, technologists and theorists collaborate to address issues of alternative energy, radio transmission, and the future of Wi-Fi technology, as microcontrollers that can be suitably-powered for off-the-grid operation.

VVet-n-VVild-VVIFI explores the innovative capacities and critical implications of computational technology specifically through experiential prototyping and dialogue AR&D to propose alternative net-affinities and rewrite alternatives to avoid any contributing to roadkill of the internet superhighway’. Working towards exhibition series of advanced prototypes for alt-infrastructure networks in 2021 and beyond/​VVet-n-VVild-VVIFI is an exemplar of how wireless technology impacts upon traditional exhibition-based practice, radically intervening into public space through the aesthetic application of networking infrastructure in diverse social settings — intimate dens of subnode Intranets, peer to peer networking, autonomous internet beacons that decentre the passage of information and art in diverse social settings, off-grid solar/​wind powered.

Find out more about VVet-n-VVild-VVIFI here.

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Nancy Mauro-Flude is
School: Digital Design Cluster

RMIT staff profile

Nancy Mauro-Flude is an artist and theorist. Administer of a home-brewed feminist web server, she leads the Holistic Computing Network Research group and practices experiential pedagogy, in her role as coordinator Emerging Digital/​Media Cultures, Bachelor of Design (Digital Media), College of Design and Social Context @RMIT University. Mauro-Flude’s research contributes to the interdisciplinary space of feminist science and technology studies, computer subculture and performance art. Her artworks radically intervenes into public space by the aesthetic application of networking infrastructure, playfully and critically she experiments with signal transmission in order to draw upon contested knowledges and advance broader understandings emergent technologies as they arise as key actors in our embodied life.