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HDR HIGHLIGHT: Caitlin McGrane

Caitlin McGrane
PhD candidate in the Digital Ethnography Research Centre

Caitlin McGrane is a feminist researcher and activist. Her doctoral research takes a critical feminist perspective to locative media practices, demonstrating how women are performing affective labour in their uses of locative media and how this labour is limiting their full participation in public life. She hopes this work will influence policy-makers to ensure women are at the centre of data regulation in Australia. She is a Research Assistant on an ARC Discovery Project investigating Australians’ location awareness’ around how their location data is gathered, stored and used. 

She has worked on projects with the Victorian Trades Hall Council Women’s Team building an online resource to supplement their Gender-Based Violence in the Workplace training package. She has also lead Gender Equity Victoria’s Online Active Bystander’ Project encouraging social media users to play a more active role in providing support to the targets of online harassment. Her previous research has explored how witnessing anti-feminist harassment can affect individuals’ willingness to participate in online spaces and their willingness to publicly identify as feminist. 

Find out more about Caitlin here.

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