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EFI Conference 2018

At Engaging for Impact 2018 Conference, RMIT’s eight Enabling Capability Platforms will share their knowledge and demonstrate how their expertise can address the world’s most critical issues. The Social Change ECP and Design and Creative Practice ECP, along with Biomed ECP, have curated The Future of Care stream.

On Wednesday 14 February, the conference begins with keynote from experts in the field talking about challenges for The Future of Care.
 — Prof Fiona Wood, Surgeon and Researcher, Fiona Wood Foundation
 — Kaye Glamuzina, Manager Arts, City Of Melbourne
 — Lyn Morgain, CEO, Co-health
 — Prof Jeffrey Rosenfeld, Director, Monash Institute of Medical Engineering (MIME)
 — Ms Mary Sayers, Deputy CEO, Victorian Council of Social Service 

There are many exciting events with industry partners including:
 — Care-at-a-distance workshop with Telstra;
 — One Good Death workshop;
 — Systems and disruptive work panel;
 — Soft launch of the HEALTH Network at 5:30pm;
 — Jonathan Duckworth’s performance; and
 — Hybrid realities workshop with Oculus and Ericsson (on Thursday 15 February). 

The EFI 2018 program can be viewed here: https://​www​.engag​ing​forim​pact2018​.com​.au/​a​bout/