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Doing Digital Methods – Workshop Summary

In June 2018, the DCP ECP and Ritsumeikan University (RU) jointly hosted a workshop at Ritsumeikan University (Japan) on interdisciplinary and critical creative methods, within mixed reality contexts, when considering social innovative futures.

Key interdisciplinary experts across media, information studies, psychology, anthropology, design and arts explored interdisciplinary and critical creative methods within mixed reality contexts, including VR, AR, and AI, to consider socially innovative and sustainable futures. 

We engaged in collaborative discussions and co-design activities via a series of thought experiments’. Experiments included: Hybrid Play’, Designing for Health Solutions’, Games & Playful Interventions’, Curating in the age of Automation’, Designing for, and with, Digital and Multisensorial Ethnographic Methods’, Designing Social Futures’, and Digital Storytelling’.

The workshop concluded that interdisciplinary methods and models are needed as a way to creatively and critically engage, understand and respond to real-world complexities.

Key concepts, questions, and impactful directions and outcomes which emerged from the workshop are outlined HERE >

This workshop was supported by the ARC Locating the Mobile grant.