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DCP Lectures | Dr Anne Galloway

Cosmopolitical Relations & More-Than-Human Design Ethnography
Monday 19 August, 5:30 – 6:30pm
RMIT City Campus, Building 80.10.16

Lecture Abstract
In this talk I want to explore how living in a world of many worlds’ reconfigures relations amongst humans, nonhuman animals, plants, elements and forces of the Earth — and what that might mean for practicing design ethnography in difficult times. Working through philosophical cosmopolitics, and persistent tensions between Western’ worldviews and Indigenous cosmologies, I want to trouble design’s problem-solving imperative and ethnography’s colonising tendencies. But I also want to examine the potential for my/​our research practice to critically and creatively intervene in established and emerging controversies around climate change and life on Earth. Imagining two possible roles for the more-than-human design ethnographer — The Diplomat and The Trickster — this talk will challenge prevailing notions of participation and co-design, empathy and care, and invite discussion about what it means to be with the world, instead of against it.” — Dr Anne Galloway, School of Design, Victoria University of Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand. 

Anne is an Associate Professor in the Design for Social Innovation Programme, School of Design, Victoria University of Wellington. In addition to teaching courses in design ethnography and speculative design, she leads the More-Than-Human Lab, researches human-sheep relations, and supervises amazing postgraduate students. Anne also publishes and lectures internationally, across disciplines, and is currently studying for a second doctorate in creative writing. Most importantly, her favourite place is with her flock.

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